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Wholesale Highlight: Old Town Stock House recently named a member of our Capeside wholesale customer family a Top 10 Restaurant in Alabama! Old Town Stock House in Guntersville is #7 on their list of best Alabama restaurants according to At Old Town Stock House, guests are able to experience farm-to-table dining in historic Old Town Guntersville. Their menu may be limited, but […]

Fish Explained: Red Snapper

What is it: If you’re looking for Red Snapper, you’ve come to the right place—Alabama is known as the Red Snapper Capital of the World. You can tell you’ve hauled in one of these beauties by its rosy red color and a pair of red eyes to match. With a natural nutty flavor that goes well […]

Fish Explained: Red Drum Fish

What is it: You’ll hear most locals call this species “Redfish” thanks to its rusty tint, and the black spot on its tail is hard to miss. But the real treasure is on the inside. This cousin of the Black Drum is a firm, succulent fish with a mild, sweet flavor that’s ideal for blackening. When […]

Fish Explained: Porgy Fish (Sea Bream)

What is it: Sometimes called “Sheepshead without the jail time,” Porgy (also known as Sea Bream) is one of Alabama’s most underappreciated fish. Because this silvery red fish only measures in at a few pounds, it’s been labeled as nothing more than “by-catch” by some folks around the Gulf. But if you’ve ever tried fresh Porgy, you […]

Fish Explained: Mullet

What is it: It’s not unusual to see a Mullet flying through the air. Not only are there entire festivals dedicated to tossing this fish, they often jump on their own accord, possibly to avoid deep-sea prey. They’re used as bait fish more often than not, but the old salts will tell you that fresh Mullet […]

Fish Explained: Mahi-Mahi

What is it: Often called the “dolphinfish” or “dorado,” Mahi-Mahi is a true beauty of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Their bodies are a brilliant blend of blue and green with a golden yellow that reaches its fins and forked tail. But as with most fish, the real beauty comes from the inside. Mahi is a firm but […]

What is Lent?

Capeside Fish Company joins in the observing the tradition of Lent with special dishes on every Friday during the lenten season. Here in Alabama, it seems like everybody talks about Lent, but it’s helpful to remember the reasons for Lent. The article below, from The Upper Room, dives into some of those reasons and the purposes behind […]

Fish Explained: Mackerel (King & Spanish)

What is it: These sleek, medium-sized fish come in two sorts: King Mackerel (or Kingfish) and Spanish Mackerel. The “kings” and “princes” of Alabama’s coast weigh in at an average of 10 and three pounds respectively making them a great target for family fishing trips. Mackerel hold a strong, robust flavor and are often compared to […]

Fish Explained: Pompano

What is it: The Florida Pompano is a delicacy of the seafood world. But don’t let the name fool you—this fish spends plenty of time along Alabama’s Gulf Coast too. They may be small in size, usually ranging from two to five pounds, but they’re big on taste; these tender, succulent filets pack so much flavor […]

Fish Explained: Lionfish

What is it: Lionfish is an invasive species, meaning they’re not from around here. They prey on all kinds of commercially, recreationally, and ecologically important species, and with venomous spines on their bodies, you don’t want to touch ‘em. But here on land, Lionfish is not just edible, but considered a delicacy. Flaky but firm in […]