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The Wild Lilly providing Po’boy Bread and Desserts from Muscle Shoals

Continuing our tradition of sourcing local wherever possible, Capeside Fish Company is proud to now use The Wild Lilly in Muscle Shoals for all our fresh po’boy bread and many desserts served in our cafe in Rainbow City. With The Wild Lilly being a Capeside Wholesale Customer, it was only natural that we partner to provide their high […]

Fish Explained: Whiting

What is it: Some call it the “Southern Kingfish,” but around here we just call it Whiting. While this fish normally only weighs in around a couple pounds, their mild-tasting, flaky white filets make for good eating. When to Get it: You can find this fish on the menu or in the ocean just about all year […]

Fish Explained: Wahoo

What is it: A real prize for both sport fishermen and land lubbers alike, Wahoo are known for their quickness. If you happen to reel in one of these speedy fish, which usually run between ten and 50 pounds, then you better have plenty of hungry friends. This fish is a cousin to the Mackerel, so […]

Fish Explained: Tuna

What is it: If you think you’ve eaten tuna because you’ve had the stuff that comes in a can, you’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. Gulf Coast Tuna—particularly the Yellowfin and the Blackfin—are not only great eating, they can make for great sportfishing trophies. Blackfins typically only run as big as three feet and […]

Fish Explained: Triggerfish

What is it: For a fish that’s small in size but large in taste, look no further than the Gray Triggerfish. Once ignored by commercial fishermen, these guys made a comeback and are now considered among the finest fish on the Alabama Gulf Seafood menu. Their clean white meat carries a uniquely sweet flavor when cooked, […]

Fish Explained: Tarpon

What is it: Often called the “Silver King,” the Tarpon is Alabama’s Official State Saltwater Fish. But we don’t eat it—not just for its statewide prestige, but because this fish has a lot of bones and the meat isn’t up to par. However, the Tarpon is on the radar of every good sport fisherman and is […]

Fish Explained: Sheepshead

What is it: If you’re not the type to judge a book by its cover, then Sheepshead ought to win you over. Its black and silver stripes earned this fish the nickname “the convict,” but it’s the mouthful of flattened, human-esque teeth that gave the Sheepshead its true namesake. A typical keeper runs about three to […]

Fish Explained: Shark

What is it: There are several different kinds of Shark that patrol Alabama’s coastal waters, the most common being the Blacktip, and they can be vicious if you test them. Most of us were raised to fear Sharks, but what lots of folks don’t realize is that they make for great eating. Shark meat is a […]

Fish Explained: Seatrout

What is it: There are a few types of Seatrout, our most abundant fish, that live along Alabama’s Gulf Coast. If it’s on the menu, that’s either the Silver Seatrout or the Sand Seatrout (often called White Trout), with thick, white filets and a taste similar to any freshwater Trout. If you reel in one with […]