Fresh Produce from Jack O’Lantern Farms

Capeside Fish Company is happy to source our fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, squash, and green beans for our weekend dishes from Alabama’s own Jack O’Lantern Farms in Muscle Shoals. We believe that the best food, the best people, and the best community comes from being an active participant in the Alabama food scene.

ConnieAndSteveJack O’Lantern Farms is Steve and Connie Carpenter.

They started Jack-O-Lantern Farms in 1996, with a pumpkin farm in Barton, AL. Two years later, they decided to expand our farm by raising other vegetables.

In 2003, in a small greenhouse at their home, they began to experiment with hydroponic farming, growing tomatoes and cucumbers.

A year later, they were able to lease their present location on Garage Road in Sheffield, AL.

Today, Jack-O-Lantern Farms has expanded to over 3,000 plant spaces in the greenhouses and added more field grown crops. To ensure a safer crop, no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic nutrients are used in the field or greenhouse.

Jack-O-Lantern farm produces Certified Naturally Grown vegetables, local raw honey, and fresh baked goods. Other products available include locally produced items (such as Mook Mills Cheese Straws and Belle Chevre) domestic and imported cheeses, free range eggs, and other items that are hard to find in the Shoals area.

In addition to Capeside Fish Company in Rainbow City, Jack-O-Lantern Farm also provides quality ingredients for The 360 Grille, Claunch Cafe, City Hardware, The Factory Store + Cafe, and Odette in the Shoals area.

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