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From fresh fish to shrimp, sandwiches to snacks, sides to spices, and more, we have everything you need for your locally & regionally sourced gourmet-on-the-go.


We are in the kitchen all day so that you don't have to be! The way we see it, our job is to make your life easier. No matter your culinary needs, we are happy to help you entertain with ease.


We bring the freshest seafood straight to your restaurant's kitchen. Our team of dedicated sales professionals are here to help make your business a success.
From The Capeside

Fresh Produce from Jack O’Lantern Farms

Capeside Fish Company is happy to source our fresh strawberries, cantaloupe, squash, and green beans for our weekend dishes from Alabama’s own Jack O’Lantern Farms in Muscle Shoals. We believe that the best food, the best people, and the best community comes from being an active participant in the Alabama food scene. Jack O’Lantern Farms is […]

Fish Explained: Whiting

What is it: Some call it the “Southern Kingfish,” but around here we just call it Whiting. While this fish normally only weighs in around a couple pounds, their mild-tasting, flaky white filets make for good eating. When to Get it: You can find this fish on the menu or in the ocean just about all year […]

Fish Explained: Wahoo

What is it: A real prize for both sport fishermen and land lubbers alike, Wahoo are known for their quickness. If you happen to reel in one of these speedy fish, which usually run between ten and 50 pounds, then you better have plenty of hungry friends. This fish is a cousin to the Mackerel, so […]

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